Cyclones and other things

  • Wally Backman, manager of the Brooklyn Cyclones, was impressed by the catching performance of Mike Kvasnicka on Saturday night and ,when advised that the Astros have other positions in mind for him, replied “He’s a catcher!”.
  • Cyclone RF Cory Vaughn made one of the best throws ever seen at “The Joe”, throwing out Wilton Infante at 3B.  Earlier in the game he had received some prolonged coaching from Benny DiStefano after an ineffective throw. Vaughn also homered to left field later in the game.  He leads the NYPL in home runs.
  • It’s always a field day for local Mets fans when the Cyclones visit the ‘Cats.  This year was no exception.  The autograph hounds were out and that’s an integral part of baseball.  However, some collectors have 5 or more different things for the players to sign.  I don’t think it should be a money-making exercise.
  • One Met fan had baseball cards produced by a member of a fan forum.  They were exceptional. The player, Darrel Ceciliani  I believe, asked the fan if he could have one.  The fan said “Okay, but it’s one you already signed”.  I chipped in with my two cents “Why don’t you sign it for him?”  They both smiled and the fan autographed the card and gave it to the player.  That’s one more autograph than I have ever signed.
  • I truly believe the Valleycats are going to finish above .500 this season.  I think they may have the best group of hitters ever for a ‘Cat team and the pitching is as good a staff as any I’ve ever seen here. 
  • I enjoy photographing a player then having him sign it for me and giving him a copy or two.
  • I had an error Monday morning.  It was a ground ball and I stretched as far as I could.  It hit the fingers of my glove.  Did I tell you I was trying to backhand it?  I looked into the dugout to my left and there stood Cyclone infielder Luis Nieves.  I asked him if that was an error.  He nodded affirmatively, as Alex the batboy ran down the line to retrieve the ball.  Alex hustles just as his mentor, Charlie.
  • In 2008 when the Staten Island Yankees played here, I photographed P Pat Vendite being interviewed by a media guy holding a mike in one hand and working his videocam with the other.  Pat is famous for being an ambidextrous pitcher; he can and does pitch with either hand.  I liked that the media person was also utilizing both hands.  When Pat returned here to play in the 2008 NYPL All-Star Game, he was signing autographs on the concourse.  I asked him to sign that photo and he did. I asked him to sign it with the other hand also.  He did, with a smile.
  • Someday I will master the technology and show all the photos right here in this blog!
  • Sunday night we were fortunate to meet T. Wayne Lucas, the famous malt afficionado, and his lovely wife. 
  • Just a reminder that the Valleycats are playing the Ct. Tigers this Saturday afternoon at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown.  The game is part of the Hall of Fame Induction celebration and the ‘Cats have a bus trip.  They may have some tix left.  Call 629-CATS.
  • Saturday also brings the Craft Beer Festival to the Joe from 2 to 6 pm. For more go to

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