Back From The Track

The good news is that we only lost four races.  The bad news is that we left after the 4th race.

While having a drink of the Big Red Spring water, who should walk by but T. Wayne himself.
The t-shirt giveaway was a success.  They ran out of coupons, so all shirts were accounted for.
Tonight the Cats go for four wins in a row!
My beautiful wife will be accompanying me tonight, so we’ll probably enjoy the shady Tiki Bar for most of the game.
I would like to thank those fans that have told me they read this blog and enjoy it.
See you tonight at the Joe!

One comment



    T Wayne told me about seeing you at the track. His “story” is that he just ran up and picked up t-shirts for a group of people at work. I’m willing to believe him for now.

    Lowell had their hitting shoes on last night. Hope that changes tonight.

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