I mentioned to Justin Gominsky that I’d like to get the fans cheering “Go Go” Minsky when he reaches base.  He replied that that has been his nickname before coming to Troy.  It certainly is a natural and I hope that it catches on with the fans.  I’ll certainly do my part with my big mouth in Section 180.

Lost in the glee of the ValleyCats taking the first two games from the SI Yankees is the fact that Jacke Healey stole the first base of his pro career Saturday night.  The baseball gods haven’t been treating Jacke too well at the plate.  It has seemed at times to be frustrating and fans can only root for a player who is such a steady presence at SS. 

Euris Quezada pitched to his potential last night and we hope that his control issues are a thing of the past.  He has such potential and he looks like he is standing on the mound before he gets to the mound.

Jonas Dufek again pitched masterfully on Saturday night and extended his scoreless inning streak to 20.1.

Five years from now, or sooner, there should be a fine group of 2011 ValleyCats on MLB rosters.

Tonight the Cats go for a sweep of the Yankees. Regardless of tonight’s outcome, the events of this weekend at THE JOE show that this club is becoming aware of the fact that they can play with anyone.  That fact should help them throughout the season and produce positive results.

It was special last night to see C Ryan McCurdy match his hit total for last season in one game.

Hitting Coach Mark Bailey hasn’t coached First base for the last two games.  Will we see him at first again?  We shall have to ask Stubby that question.     See you at THE JOE!


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