• Last night the ValleyCats knocked P Stetson Allie out of the game before he recorded an out.  A most inauspicious event for one of the most highly publicized pitchers to grace the mound at THE JOE.  The Spikes manager pulled him at the right moment.  He had just struck two batters, resulting in two runs and had approached a danger level of wildness.  Allie’s mindset was also vulnerable.  No reason to extend the nightmare he was experiencing.  When C Samuel Gonzalez “threw” his helmet after a close call at first went against him, manager Kimera Bartee was quick to intercede with the base umpire, but not before letting Gonzalez know that his behavior was unacceptable.  Bartee has shown nothing but class to this observer during this series. 
  • Let us hope the ValleyCats can keep swinging the bats tonight.  Neiko Johnson played an outstanding game both at shortstop and at bat.  Has he taken over the SS position from Jacke Healey?
  • P Stetson Allie warms up with C Samuel Gonzalez.


Gonzalez poses while Allie runs from camera


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