ValleyCats 2015 Season


It’s the 4th of July and the ValleyCats are home vs the Lowell Spinners. The parent clubs, Astros and Red Sox meet today in Fenway.  Lowell has shot out to a nice lead in the division race, but the season is long, relatively speaking.

The Astros have sent Kyle Tucker, little brother of Preston, to the Gulf Coast League, as they do with many younger draftees. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to see him in Troy. Kyle was the #5 overall player drafted. The #2 overall player drafted, Alex Bregman, has been sent to Quad Cities by the Astros. Unless something very bizarre occurs, we won’t see the former LSU shortstop at The Joe.

Enough about the players that are not here. The Cats roster is packed with interesting young men looking to further their careers as professional baseball players.

Skipper Ed Romero continues to play aggressive baseball, forcing opposing outfielders to make strong and very accurate throws if they wish to throw out any Cats on the basepaths.

Cesar Carrasco has been getting a lot of playing time at 1B, after starting the season at 3B and making several errors.  Bobby Wernes turns 21 today! Hope he gets the start, he hit well last night.

Dexture McCall appears to be a fine defensive First baseman, but has been getting AB’s as DH and pinch-hitting. He sparked the walkoff rally last night with a pinch-hit.

Happy Fourth of July!!!


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