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It was a “San Francisco” type of day, damp and gray.  But that did little to dampen the spirits of the baseball fans that came out yesterday to experience the presence of the Giant’s World Series trophy.  Giant fan Barry Nelson (pictured below) of Guilderland grew up in the neighborhood of the Polo Grounds.  He was 2 when the Giants won the Series in 1954, so the triumph last year was far more enjoyable.

As a youngster, Barry met and shook hands with Willie Mays!  He honestly says he didn’t wash his hand for 4 or 5 days.  His Mom finally forced him to do so.  There was a fine group of Giant fans sharing memories.  The last out of the 1962 World Series was a popular subject.  You could be forgiven for thinking the game was played yesterday.  The memories were very clear.  When Willie McCovey smashed that line drive toward right field Giant fans thought they were about to win the Series.  As a Yankee fan, I remember thinking we had lost it.  Yankee second baseman Bobby Richardson reversed our emotions with his excellent catch.  It was only 49 years ago.

ValleyCat management and staff did a fine job coordinating the events yesterday. The fact that the trophy arrived late proved to be only a small glitch.  Kevin Moran, sports editor of the RECORD, is to be commended for initiating the trophy’s visit to THE JOE.  Yesterday’s RECORD contained an interesting little magazine/insert about the history of baseball in the Troy area. More to come in Part II.



The trophy will be on display at THE JOE starting at 5 p.m. Thursday.  Enter from the 3rd base side entrance and you may wish to get there well before 5 p.m.

Hopefully rain will not be a factor, but baseball fans are used to rain. No deluge or torrent, thank you, but mild rain we can deal with.

I will attempt to interview fans in line tomorrow and share the result here in the immediate future.

See you at THE JOE.


Red Sox Reeling and Other Good Thoughts!

Yeah, it’s only April.  MLB will be playing until the snows come back again.  Still, Yankee fans are enjoying the troubles of the Boston Red Sox.  The fact that the Sox took last weekend’s series in Beantown has been their only bright spot thus far this season.

Dustin Pedroia was on fire against the Yankees!  What an amazing ballplayer he is.  This Yankee fan would trade Cano for Pedroia any day.  I know that statement may be too much for some Yankee fans, but I am in awe of the power the little guy generates.

It’s nice to see Don Mattingly managing, but I sure wish he was the skipper of the New York Yankees.

When you catch the Cubs on TV, be sure to check out 3B coach Ivan DeJesus.  He shall always be remembered in these parts as the first manager of the ValleyCats.  I remember Ivan manning a rake to attack the sludge in the RF corner.  I was impressed.

It appears that this will be a long season for the Astros.  That could bode well for the former ValleyCats in the organization.  As always, time will tell.

Don’t forget May 5th and the World Series trophy visit to THE JOE.!


Yesterday the Albany Times-Union published an article by columnist Mark McGuire covering Troy basketball in the early days of the sport.  I was pleased to provide photographs and some background for the story.  Mr. McGuire proved to be an excellent journalist, basketball fan and all around nice guy.  The article can be read at:

The photographs are  (1) team photo and (2) individual photo of my Grandfather, Jimmy Davey.
Mr. McGuire has a great affinity for basketball and I believe he is rooting for the Butler Bulldogs to defeat the UCONN Huskies in tonight’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Final.  LET’S GO BUTLER!


It is snowing heavily as I type.  In about 3 months there will be ValleyCat baseball at The Joe, but today we must fill out our NCAA brackets.  Can anyone beat Ohio State?

Before you know it, we will be introduced to Stubby Clapp, the new ValleyCat manager. I think ‘Cat fans will embrace Stubby when we get to know him.  May will bring the World Series Championship Trophy to Troy, ancestral home of the Giants.

There will be many college, high school and even little league games to see before the ValleyCats roam The Joe.  Don’t forget softball, baseballs’ “kissin cousin”.  Root for someone or root for everyone. It’s all good and will get you in form to cheer on the NYPL defending champion ValleyCats.

Every season there are a handful of ValleyCats that return for a second year.  Usually a pitcher or two and a position player or two.  Any guesses on who may make a return in 2011?   I’m hoping to see Jackie Healey as our starting SS this season.  I don’t know how he would feel about it, but we would sure ask him.  Any wishes or guesses from the peanut gallery?


Ryan Davey, Hunter Pence & I in Cooperstown 2004

Thumbnail image for Pence @ Cooperstown 2004 (1).jpg

Ryan is holding a  home run ball hit by Hunter.  It’s one of two he hit during the game against the Oneonta Tigers at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY.  Hunter signed the ball for Ryan.
Please note this is the first entry on this blog including a photographic image.  I was advised by Chris Chenes, technical/media man for the ValleyCats.  Thank you Chris!