I saw it in George Springer, but he was only here for a moment. I see it in Tony Kemp. That spark that informs me he will someday be a major leaguer. I thought Hunter Pence and, to a lesser degree, Ben Zobrist would probably make it someday. Who could have imagined they would both be MLB All-Stars someday.

Kemp plays the game with a level of talent and confidence that impresses the heck out of me. He even coaches 1B with class.

What do you think?


Feeling Itchy About Cameras?

Feeling Itchy About Cameras?

Mike Yastrzemski’s pose when asked for a photo. He made a wisecrack to his teammates and then grabbed his crotch.
Guess he may have some issues about carrying a famous baseball name.



What a road trip!  Undefeated in 6 games. Quality pitching combined with timely hitting.

Manager Ed Romero has been pressing the right buttons. After their 2-4 homestand, the ValleyCats kicked things into gear and return to THE JOE with a 6 game winning streak.

The last homestand included 2 walkoff victories! Some years we see no walkoff wins, so they should be noted. Also the much-heralded arrival of P Mark Appel to start his pro career provided a great distraction to the players, I am sure.

There can be little doubt that the ValleyCats are a favorite to win the NYPL Championship this year, but those 2 of 3 playoff series can be a challenge for any team.

Enjoy all the quality ballplayers that the Astro organization has brought to Troy.  A good number of them will be playing in the Major Leagues in several years, you know it.