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It was a “San Francisco” type of day, damp and gray.  But that did little to dampen the spirits of the baseball fans that came out yesterday to experience the presence of the Giant’s World Series trophy.  Giant fan Barry Nelson (pictured below) of Guilderland grew up in the neighborhood of the Polo Grounds.  He was 2 when the Giants won the Series in 1954, so the triumph last year was far more enjoyable.

As a youngster, Barry met and shook hands with Willie Mays!  He honestly says he didn’t wash his hand for 4 or 5 days.  His Mom finally forced him to do so.  There was a fine group of Giant fans sharing memories.  The last out of the 1962 World Series was a popular subject.  You could be forgiven for thinking the game was played yesterday.  The memories were very clear.  When Willie McCovey smashed that line drive toward right field Giant fans thought they were about to win the Series.  As a Yankee fan, I remember thinking we had lost it.  Yankee second baseman Bobby Richardson reversed our emotions with his excellent catch.  It was only 49 years ago.

ValleyCat management and staff did a fine job coordinating the events yesterday. The fact that the trophy arrived late proved to be only a small glitch.  Kevin Moran, sports editor of the RECORD, is to be commended for initiating the trophy’s visit to THE JOE.  Yesterday’s RECORD contained an interesting little magazine/insert about the history of baseball in the Troy area. More to come in Part II.